6 Myths Surrounding ICBC Law Claims

The legal procedures can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know. To make the process easy, you will need to consult a personal injury attorney to walk you through the ICBC process. A lot of myths surround the ICBC law claims, and this article seeks to unmask these myths to provide correct information.

1. ICBC adjuster acts for you

In reality, ICBC adjuster is not neutral because the person works on behalf of the at-fault in the car accident, but not on your behalf. The only way you can get someone act on your behalf during the process is when you hire a qualified personal injury lawyer. You can’t afford to trust an adjustor to represent your interests during the process. In fact, it is like believing in your spouse’s attorney to represent your interests in a divorce case.

2. ICBC adjustor advises you on medical management

An ICBC adjustor is not a therapist or medical doctor. You can only get medical advice from medical professionals. Victims should avoid trusting medical advice offered by ICBC adjustors because it is like believing in your butcher to offer medical help after a car accident.

3. Automatic 25% reduction from your settlement

People believe that they will get a reduction of 25 percent after receiving benefits from ICBC if they did not have a seatbelt on during the car accident. The truth is that ICBC law does not have any reductions on your settlement unless they can prove that wearing seatbelts could have reduced your injuries. Besides, the reduction is usually between five to ten percent, if it has to be cut.

4. No compensation if injured in a car accident that is your fault

The law allows for the benefit to anyone who gets injured in a car accident in Columbia even if the accident was their fault. The law doesn’t lock out anyone as long as they have been injured in the motor accident. The no-fault benefits include rehabilitation and medical fees, compensation to people who are unable to do housework, and partial replacement for wage loss due to injuries.

5. Wage loss benefits reduced by 25%

You will hear many people say that their wage loss settlements were reduced by between 25 to 35 percent for the net after a tax claim. The law allows for some reduction of gross wage loss. However, the reduction is usually less than what people believe, especially for self-employed victims. The calculation varies for different cases, and the formula is complicated, so you need to seek independent legal opinion on that.

6. You have until two years to file an ICBC lawsuit after a car accident

Limitation dates are different, and they vary based on the type of accident. For instance, claims involving public cars or hit and run claims have a shorter time limit as compared to other claims. After all, even conventional claims have different time limits based on new court decisions or legislation issues. For additional information, visit Preszler Law and learn more from their online resources.