DIY String Art

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I seriously can’t believe another month has passed and I’m back to share another DIY project with you guys!  The weather in Cincinnati was pretty awesome this weekend so I decided to do most of this little project outside on our back patio.  It was a pretty idillic way to work on a little DIY if you ask me!


String Art 2


I actually had everything for this project around the house, with the exception of the nails.  After completing our leather bench we had this wood piece left over and the stain is one that I used on our countertops in our kitchen.  I had a few different colors of yarn on hand and I felt like the colors I chose complimented the stain the best.  My apologies for the mess rag & glove…those are the same ones I used on the countertops…clearly they should probably be trashed now.


String Art Supplies


I was originally planning on free handing & eyeballing everything in the beginning.  I’m kind of crazy like that and sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned…this was one of those times, at first.  I actually pulled out the first 4 nails I placed and decided I better come up with some type of a template.  I decided to go with a repetitive geometrical shape, a diamond.  I used a DSW mailer to  create the base template that was 2” wide by 4 tall.  Then I came up with a rough template that I would use on the board.  I say rough because I didn’t think through the decide until I placed it on the board and realized that I shouldn’t have overlapped the diamonds.


The bottom two rows of diamonds in the below picture went as planned but everything above that I had to adjust so that I didn’t have any overlap.  I decided to use one nail from the second row as an anchor of sorts for the third row.  Then down the center I went with a long diamond/sword like shape.


String Art Template


I’m guessing there are some people that can wrap string art using just one piece but I decided I should probably wrap each shape individually.  If your going to use more than one color, think of how you want them layered.  I actually started with the gray yarn but as soon as I moved on to the green I realized that I wanted the great to be covered by the gray on that center nail.  I ended up unwrapping the gray and completing the green first.  Then I went back and restrung the gray.


String Art 1


The last part was to tie off the ends one more time and then cut the excess off.  The template was by far the most time consuming, but if you learn from my mistake (trying to overlap you shape) you shouldn’t have a problem.  Honestly this entire project could probably be  done in 45 minutes, but like I said I was outside and got distracted easily, so it took me closer to an hour and a half.  What can I say, I had to play with my dog :)


I hope you guys like this quick project!


String Art 2


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    This takes me back!! I remember doing this when I was very young and to think it’s come back around, ha. I like it. It still gives off a retro vibe to me but that mixture of retro and modern really does work.

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