How to Make DIY Photo Christmas Cards

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I posted our DIY Photo Christmas Card through social media last week and had a lot of response to it as to how I made it and what the costs associated with making them myself were.  So today, I thought I would share with you an easy tutorial on How to Make DIY Photo Christmas Cards.


So I think the first thing to consider is the time it will take to make your own photo Christmas cards.  It shouldn’t take too long, but it will take a bit longer than just uploading a picture into a template at an online photo site. If you feel you have the patience and time, then I say GO FOR IT!


You will not only save money this way BUT you will also be able to create your own custom photo Christmas cards…unique and unlike anyone else’s.


The first thing you want to do is open up picmonkey.



Click on “Create a collage” at the top of the screen.





Now you’ll want to upload photos from your computer to create your photo Christmas card.  I chose to use a chalkboard background and a family photo we had taken this Fall to create our card.




You can choose any layout you want, you can have just one photo, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 photos. You can even leave some of the spaces white so you can add in words or fun Christmas characters into the spaces to go along with the theme of your card.


This is your chance to get creative!





After you have your photos uploaded, you’ll then want to change the spacing on them. But FIRST before doing that go here to see what your pixels need to be in order to save the photo properly to print in your desired photo size.  I chose to have zero spacing in between my photos.


Since I would be printing our photo Christmas cards as a 5×7, my picture in picmonkey needed to have 1500 x 2100 pixels. Also, since I was using a vertical photo, I switched the numbers around for my pixels so it really was a 2100 x 1500 photo in picmonkey.  You’ll see what I mean once you get in there and start working with the sizing.



After you have all of your photos uploaded into your collage, you have the sizing correct for your pixels, and the spacing adjusting to how you want it, next up comes the fun part….editing!


You’ll want to click on the “Edit” tab at the top of the screen and this will take you right into the editing part of picmonkey.





To give our photos a “Christmasy” feel I added a frost layer to our photo. I love the way this turned out!  You can add any effect that you chose though….there are different themes and options in the Winterland theme in picmonkey.






Next up is adding in text. There are TONS of fonts to choose from in picmonkey, so your options are pretty much endless. Try using different fonts together in 1-3 different colors and seeing how this turns out.





Once you have your text added  in {mine is blank for the tutorial but you can view the first photo in this post above to see what I came up with}, you can begin adding in some more effects such as “flakery” “garniture” “wreathery” and more in the “Winterland” theme in picmonkey or another theme if you find something you love!



Your last step is saving your photo to a place you’ll be able to easily find it on your computer’s hard drive.


From there, you can upload your picture to sites such as,, or the like and get your photos printed for very inexpensive.  Often times you can find coupon codes to save even more!  We chose to have our photos printed at Costco because I’ve had good experiences with them in the past and you can print all of your photos in “lustre” which gives them a vintage feel.


I was able to print 50 photos for under $20!


Then, I just picked up some cool vintage brown paper envelopes from Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon, making the grand total around $4 for envelopes. So, 50 custom photo Christmas cards and 50 adorable vintage envelopes all for under $25!


Are you ready to make your very own custom photo Christmas cards? There’s still some time! Or pin this tutorial to use for next year or party invitations, senior photos, and more!



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