Work From Home Part 1: My Story

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If you are a currently a stay at home mom or considering this option and want to hear how other moms are making it work, than read on because this post is for you.




My Story:


My story probably isn’t much different than many of yours. My husband and I went to college, got married, worked, bought a house, and had kids. Ya? Well, actually, even though we all may have similar stories the very unique thing that God gave us, is that each of our stories is our very own and no one else can be just like us.



We also either have the option to keep our story closed off from the world or we can choose to share it in hopes to enlighten, strengthen, and encourage others.


So, today, as hard as this will be, I choose to share mine.


If you are new to my blog or even an avid reader {thank you} and haven’t had a chance to check out the “Our Story” page, go there now. This will gives you a glimpse as to who I am, why I blog, and what I blog about. When you’re done there, come on back over to this post to hear the rest of my story….the fun part!


Wedding Day


So you saw I was married at 19….but I don’t think I mentioned that right after our wedding day, we moved over 3,000 miles away from everything I’ve ever known so my husband could carry out his active duty service in the Unites States Marine Corps. We moved to a small town called Beaufort, South Carolina. We spent the next 3 years newly married, putting ourselves through college and working to build skill sets for our careers.


Although life was good, at times life was also hard.


We lived in a very tiny and old 600 square foot house on base right across the street from where the recruits trained. Needless to say it was noisy all. day. long. But, a great experience none the less.


We purchased our first house at age 20

First House Before

3 bedroom | 2 bath | 1,100 sq. ft.


First House After


I feel like this was a significant time in our life because we learned so many skills from purchasing this house. We learned about being smart with our finances, we learned how to create a budget, we learned the value of time and hard work, and we increased our skills at learning how to do everything DIY {do-it-yourself}.


We remodeled the entire house with a $10,000 budget and only 1.5 years to do it, we came in under budget, sold the house for $20,000 more than we bought it for, and praise the lord just missed the housing slump that hit hard in 2008.


After my husband got out of the Marines, we moved home and finished up college, found jobs in our home town and purchased our second home at age 23:


Second House Before

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,700 sq ft.

Second House Currently

Taking care of our home, decorating it, cleaning and organizing, and making it feel welcomed and comfortable for us….is what I’m passionate about.

So what do all of these things mean?

Some how each step we take in our lives brings us closer to our path, our journey, and eventually our destination.

I know that buying our first house and remodeling it ourselves on a small budget, brought out our creativity and passion for all things DIY. This passion lead into our second home {our current home} and eventually what lead to this blog and sharing our journey with you.

My Ah Ha Moment:

After working for about 10 years in real estate and corporate industries, I had the ah ha moment one day while sitting at my desk. I had just found I was pregnant earlier in the month and was really contemplating my {our} future.

When I worked in real estate, I created a variety of marketing materials for magazine, other print and online Ads, flyers, brochures, etc. I even taught myself how to develop a website…and then a blog. Who honestly would have thought that those jobs and those tasks would lead me to where I am today? At the time I had no idea what my future held…looking back, it all makes perfect sense.

Dream Big

I realized I had a skill set. I absolutely loved working on the computer, graphic design and marketing and had a passion for all things home and DIY. So, back to sitting at my desk that day, I had the ah ha moment that I should start my own blog and document our DIY projects.

Ok, so what’s next?

So I started this blog and eventually left my full time job to become a stay at home mom. Talk about scary! Going from DINKS {double income no kids} to having a baby and quitting my job….was I nuts? Everyone around me was buying all kinds of things…all the time. Coffees, new cars, boats, clothes, shoes, going out to lunch, and when that’s all you ever see, it’s hard to picture life without those things. But, I can honestly say that once I left my job and started staying at home, things changed for us in a BIG way. We had a whole new outlook on life and with faith, we knew it was all going to work out.

Mom and Baby

The first month didn’t seem like a big deal at all. Money came in from my husband’s paycheck, we transferred money to savings, we paid the bills, and that was that. We still had a few months until our son was actually born {he was still a bun in the oven when I left my job}, so I knew I wanted to take this time to get our budget down, learn what our new lifestyle would be like, and get some things accomplished before baby arrived.

Ironically, life was amazing! We simplified. Sold our expensive car and purchased another in cash. We used our skill sets of doing things DIY and brought that not only into house projects but to cooking, crafting, sewing, decorating, and so on. It became who we were and we both knew at this point there was no turning back. I was going to be a stay at home mom and make this work.

But then, the baby came. Boy are kids expensive! Even after all the hand me down clothes {thank you thank you}, gifts, etc. there were still lots of things to buy.

If there’s a problem, I must find a solution:

So, I knew I wanted to continue to stay at home but I also knew that even though we had made a lot of smart decisions to cut back and live within {realistically below} our means, we still knew additional income coming in would be beneficial. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make additional income.? Am I right?

I was blogging at this time and it hadn’t occurred to me yet that I could make an income through blogging. I must have been hiding under a rock! Well, one day I came across a blogger {who is now a good friend} Bonnie Donahue who blogs over at and she was always talking about how happy she was and excited about life for her family and had goals and a plan. Plus she shared tons of awesome cleaning, organizing, and health recipes…which was right up my alley. I also noticed she talked about a company she partnered with and was now working from home while raising her then at the time 3 children {she now has 4}.

After reading several of her posts I decided to email her and ask her what she was doing to work from home. We ended up talking on the phone and it was instant friendship. Have you ever had that happen? It was like I had known her forever! Love that! By the end of the call I was starting my business too. It went that quick.

So now I was blogging and just started my own business. I was official. NOT! Man oh man did I have a lot to learn! I will say that this was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my family though.

Fast forwarding 3 years I am still blogging and own my own business, work from home part time hours, make a full time income now that surpasses what I was making outside of the home {more on this in part 2}, and I am home with my son.

A boys first love is his mom

Who would have thought?

The best part is about all of this…is that I was there for his first smile, his first laugh, when he learned to crawl, his first steps, all of his “first” words, and every amazing moment in between. I am getting to experience these precious times, instead of someone else stealing those memories from us.


If you are a current stay at home mom or thinking about becoming one and feel you have certain skill sets that could be maximized to begin working from home, then you need to make a plan now to make it happen. Today is your day! With the kids going back to school and schedules getting more organized, right now is the best time to start thinking of yours and your family’s future. What are your dreams? What are your goals? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Never give up on a dream

I’m so glad you have made it this far in listening to my work from home part 1: my story.

Next week, I will be sharing Work from Home Part 2: My Company

Stay tuned to find out what it is I do and how I and thousands of other Moms just like you are making this work.


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  1. says

    Wow, what an inspiring story! I’m currently doing the 8-5 thing, but have a dream to work from home and be more available for my little boys. Reading stories like this remind me that it is possible. I look forward to the next articles in your series.

  2. says

    I just happened upon your site and your story and I’m so inspired! My boyfriend is a Marine and I will likely be moving with him to San Diego in June. It sounds like you guys made a lot of great choices at a very early age! I can’t wait to explore your blog… !


  3. Beth Cheney says

    Hi I’m currently a stay at home mom and in need of a job to work from home!! I read your story and am very interested in what you do. Please help

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