Changing Out a Light Fixture {Farmhouse Style}

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How is it that starting one household project leads to another, then another, then another, and then….well before you know it, you have gone crazy updating everything throughout your home? Oh wait, that’s how I started this blog. Ok, continuing on. If you’ve been following along with our Master Bathroom Remodel, then you know we’ve removed a wall, and I’ve been posting on Instagram periodic updates and progress. Why only Instagram? Because I have been too head deep in the bathroom remodel to blog about it just yet. Don’t worry…I won’t leave you hanging, more on the bathroom is to come. BUT, I thought in the mean time I would share some easy and inexpensive ways to update bathroom lighting that we did in our other bathroom to spruce it up and move towards the farmhouse style we are trying to achieve throughout our home.

Ok, so I dug back through our family photos and found a picture of how our bathroom looked when we first moved into our house circa 2008. I was so proud of myself for putting up a pretty towels and adding a few decor pieces to the countertop. At this point….I hadn’t stumbled upon blogs yet and had no clue what I was about to get myself into 3 years later when we finally remodeled this space.




I know you are probably drooling over that light fixture. Also, if you are a “greenie” you are probably thrilled right now at how this light has such energy saving features. I mean,  8 bulbs is totally necessary!!!


So, fast forward 3 years and the Hubbs and I did a complete bathroom remodel on this space and this is what we came up with




This is back with I was first blogging and using a Sony Cybershot for my photos. Hey, we all start somewhere right?


The light fixture was actually a “shop the house” light from our Master Bathroom and we moved the 8 bulb sexy light into our master bathroom and basically did a swap. In the process we painted the light fixture black and added in some energy saving bulbs. This is how it sat for another 2 years until….




I stumbled upon this farmhouse milkglass looking light shades while at Habitat for Humanity for $2 each. You know when you get that giddy feeling and want to dance because you are so excited? Ya, that was me right then. In fact, I did dance and people looked at me strange. Oh well, my son enjoyed it at least!


Home I drove baby and new light shades in tow. I cleaned them up and installed them.


This is actually the picture I uploaded to Instagram that day




Big difference, ya? The light looks more traditional farmhouse style now and more clean and bright. The old shades were an off white and always looked dingy. I’m loving the change!










So, my best tips to you for updating your bathroom lighting are:

1. Spray paint the fixture
2. Change out the shades
3. Change out the bulbs


Additional Tips:

1. Add jute twine or other natural elements to the light fixture base
2. Use unsuspected items as your lighting ie: vintage baskets, metal piping, etc.


I hope you love this simple update to our bathroom lighting as much as we do. What have you done to update lighting in your home? Do you have any other tips to share?


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