How to Make DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments {Pottery Barn knockoff}

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Good morning! Wait, is it still morning? Well for some of you it may be, for others you are on to lunch and other things…but none the less you have all found your way to read this awesome post! You’re in for a treat today, because I am going to teach you how to make faux mercury glass ornaments {that look like the real thing!} and are Pottery Barn Inspired!

What you’ll need for this project:
Glass Ornaments
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
Folkart Metallic Craft Paint
Small Spray Bottle
How to make Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments:
Step 1: Mix 1 part water to 2 parts metallic craft paint into your small spray bottle. Swish it around until it is mixed.
Step 2: Take the top off your glass ornaments and then spray the metallic paint/water mixture into the glass ornament. A couple light sprays will work fine. Let this mixture dry inside the glass ornament.
Step 3: Next, take your Krylon looking glass spray paint and spray light quick sprays into your glass ornament. Only spray a couple times and then let the paint dry before spraying more coats. This process can take a little bit, so be patient. Spray until you achieve the look you want.
Step 4: Attach a piece of jute twine, raffia, or pretty ribbon to the top of your ornament to hang from your tree or they can go without to set in a dish, apothecary jar, etc. for décor. There are so many ways to display these beautiful ornaments! Be creative!

This is how mine turned out….

See these DIY Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments featured on Good Morning Northwest here!


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