DIY Painted Curtains

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If you have been following along in the past couple of weeks, you saw that I have been making a few changes {yet again} to my son’s room. One of those changes was to switch out curtains from his room to our dining room {I can’t wait for you to see that} and make DIY Painted Curtains using the drop cloth curtains from the dining room.

I will be posting a final reveal of his room in the next week and I am so so so excited to show you the results!

Here are the DIY painted curtains I made from drop cloths

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What do you think?

In case you are wanting to make your own, here is an easy tutorial on what to do….

Supplies Needed:

2 canvas drop cloths {I believe mine were 9 ft tall by 60” wide}
Blue painters tape
Latex paint in the color of your choice
Fabric Medium
Foam Roller {I used the 4” size}
Long Trim Piece {or anything to help you make a straight line} 

What you do:

Step 1: Lay your drop cloth out flat on a solid surface. Although the canvas is thick, you may want to lay a plastic drop cloth underneath it to protect any paint from leaking through.

Tip: Since you are using canvas drop cloth and this is actually used as a “drop cloth” when painting walls, my Hubby said I didn’t need to use a plastic drop cloth underneath because the paint really should soak through. I followed his though and he was right….a little soaked through in a couple spots but it was minimal and something I could clean up with Basic H with no problems!

Step 2: Tape down the outer edges of your drop cloth and make sure it is pulled tight and there are no wrinkles or bumps in your material.

Step 3: Using your ruler measure out your stripes. I measured 12” from the top and then measure an 8” stripe and then measured 12” in between each stripe.

Step 4: Using a piece of trim or something long and sturdy enough to help you make straight lines across your drop cloth, draw the stripes.

Step 5: Once all stripes have been measured and drawn, use your blue painters tape to tape off your stripes.

Step 6: Mix up a mixture of 3 parts latex paint to 1 part fabric medium in a paint tray and roll your paint mixture onto your drop cloth. I applied two coats of paint.

Step 7: Before the paint dries, remove the painters tape to reveal crisp straight lines.

Step 8:Step back and admire your work J

I love the transformation!

Now on to more Fall decorating and preparing for little man’s 1stbirthday party!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. says

    You know Ive seen this done before and youve soooooo made me a believer! I really want to try this but what do the backs of the curtains look like? are they all bled through?

  2. says

    I’ve been wanting to add stripes somewhere in our home for a while, and this post makes me want to break out the paint and some plain fabric! You have some truly beautiful projects here!

  3. says

    Great project! I would also be interested in knowing what the back of the curtains look like. Is a liner necessary? I’ve done curtains with sheets as lining and it’s really easy to do.

  4. says

    WOW! What great curtains!!! I love your easy tutorial! Not only am I swooning over your curtains, but that whole nursery! What a darling and upscale room for a little one!!!
    You did an artistic job! Thanks for sharing your creativity at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  5. Sue N. says

    I love this post and am totally doing this for our closet (took off the doors but it needs a curtain). Just a question: when you were painting the drop cloth, didn’t the paint bleed through onto your floor?? I’m a bit wary of taping them to the ground only to lift them and find I’ve painted the floor too! =)

  6. says

    just wondering, in the picture of the curtain on floor, it shows a solid gray end and a white end but in the picture of the hanging curtains, it shows a little white on both ends

  7. says

    I am noticing that you have white board and batten detail with stained trim. I am loving that! You are giving me hope and inspiration! Lovely home!

  8. says

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  9. says

    Hey Jennifer! It’s Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! I just wanted to say that your blog is great. I love these curtains and am in the process of doing something similar. I might do one stripe with an arrow pattern in the middle. Hopefully it will turn out great. I’m feeling too lazy this week to do that many stripes :) I will be coming back!

    • says

      So glad you stopped by, Deonna!! I’m sure your curtains will turn out great! This really is an easy project, but I would recommend using the lighter weight drop cloth….ours are rather heavy.

  10. Christa says

    Did you do any hemming at all? Did you use one drop cloth for both panels or one drop cloth for each panel (hope that makes sense!) Considering doing this this weekend and just want all the info I can get!

    Thanks and love this idea!!



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