Patio Makeover {on a budget}

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I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!
It has been sunny, hot, and beautiful over here in Washington state! We spent almost the entire weekend outside soaking up the sun and doing lots of things together as a family. It was perfect! We also finished up our patio makeover {on a budget} and I am excited to share it with you today!

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When we moved into our home about 4 years ago our backyard had absolutely NOTHING in it. Just cement, grass, and a fence. It made for boring and hot summers! This is what our backyard looked like when we moved in….

As you can see, we were in the beginning stages of building a covered patio. At this point you can see there was only grass, cement, and a fence.

This space has come a LONNGGGGG way!

Here is a look at our back yard looking towards the East. It was BARE! Absolutely nothing was out there….crickets….crickets. At this point all we had were the pillars built for our patio cover.

Ok, so then we got to this point. Whew…SHADE! The patio looks OK but we still needed some stone on the pillars and the backyard was still bare and boring, we didn’t have any patio furniture, and it was just sad. But, don’t get me wrong, we were blessed to have shade at this point. I am so proud of my Hubby for building this {with some help from his uncle} because it saved us a TON of money {like $8,000 in savings!}

Then came the landscaping

We did everything ourselves here too, saving us about $4,000!!

Things were starting to come along. We had plants, trees, and bushes going in, curbing being installed, our 10’ x 12’ shed was built, we were installing our stone paver patio in front of the shed, and the stone had been installed on the patio pillars. Next…..was laying rock…ugh this was hard work!

So the backyard sat this way for about a year. It looked good but we had some finishing touches that were missing….like table and chairs to sit on under the covered patio!!

So, this past year we finally purchased a patio set {on a budget} and we are loving it! Here are the details…

Our dining table, chairs and cushions cost $240 total! 

I will be sharing details on how I found such a good deal and teach you how to shop like a budget savvy mama too!

We are absolutely in love with our “new” space and feel like it is our own private getaway. The best part is, we did almost all of the work ourselves which not only feels amazing but it saved us a lot of money….we’re talking close to upwards of $10,000! Labor is expensive, especially in landscaping jobs  because it is HARD WORK! My advice….do the work  where you can based on your comfort and skill level. If you don’t know how to do something…don’t give up! Research tutorials, ask for help, and learn. That is what we did and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. says

    Your yard looks great Jen! Your plants are filling in nicely! Those arborvitaes grow fast! :) Isn’t it amazing what a little research and willing to do the work yourself can save?! Not to mention the pride and gratification of a job well done you did yourself. We installed a sprinkler system in our yard this summer. Saved a few thousand dollars. :) We have always done our own landscaping and as many home projects as possible. We need to finish the basement in this house, but my 24 yr old moved back home and took over the basement with all of her belongings.

    • says

      Thank you, Michelle! Yes, it is amazing what a little hard work can do. We were able to save so much money in many areas of this project by completing it ourselves vs. hiring someone to do the work. I love that you and your Hubby DIY too. Great job on the sprinkler system…I bet that feels good to save lots of $$$!

    • says

      Thank you, Jeanette! The pillars are made from real stone…well they are the half stone pieces used for facing houses and pillars like we did. You can find them at the home improvement stores..but I recommend checking a local company {they may give you a better deal}.

  2. says

    Jennifer, I am so so happy for your! YOur yard is just stunning… a real haven! And thank you so much for sharing it’s evolution. Lots of planning and thinking and time and sweat… and of course money! And you have such a wonderful and beautiful outdoor living space!
    I kept reading and looking at all the great pictures and kept saying WOW… WOW… I am so impressed. Looks like a landscape created this space.
    Thank you so much for joining TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS… your yard makeover is so inspiring!

  3. says

    That looks amazing! In addition to being able to enjoy it yourself – that will add a TON of value onto your house if/when you sell!

    Great job!

    Samantha D

  4. says

    Looks beautiful! Was it hard to do the stone work on the pillars? My husband and I would like to do it but not sure how hard of a diy project it would be. Thanks!

  5. says

    Looks beautiful! Was it hard to do the stone work on the pillars? My husband and I would like to do it but not sure how hard of a diy project it would be. Thanks!

  6. says

    Your backyard is beautiful! My husband and I have been wanting to do stone on our pillars as well. Was it a really hard diy project? Thanks so much!

  7. says

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Gotta ask: What kind of tree is the “droopy” looking one in the corner of one of the cement-lined beds? I looove those trees and have been wanting one in my yard, but I don’t know what to ask for at a nursery, other than to say “You know, those droopyish Christmasey Whoville-like trees?”

  8. says

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Gotta ask: What kind of tree is the “droopy” looking one in the corner of one of the cement-lined beds? I looove those trees and have been wanting one in my yard, but I don’t know what to ask for at a nursery, other than to say “You know, those droopyish Christmasey Whoville-like trees?”

  9. says

    This is gorgeous. Could you tell me what kind of tree the droopy-looking evergreen is? I LOOOVE those trees and have been wanting one for my yard, but I don’t know what to ask for at a nursery other than “one of those droopyish Christmasey Whoville-like trees?”

  10. says

    Thank you all so much! Wow, all of your sweet comments makes the hard work, sweat, and a little tears here and there totally worth it! Ok, to answer a couple questions from the comments above….

    @Jeanette- the stone is real and it is a stacked stone that is made for surfacing pillars, siding, etc. We had help with installing it however, I think that this is definitely a project a DIYer could take on with a little research and purchasing the correct products. I may be able to put a post together if people were interested :)

    @Erin- The droopy tree is called an Alaskan Weeping Cedar and they are a great tree to fill a larger space and create year round color and interest. We have two of them at our house…one in the backyard and one in the front. Love them too!!

  11. says

    I LOVE your backyard! Did you post where you found the table and chairs? I have been looking for something like that, ie something that will seat 6 (not the typical 4). Also, did you post how you made the patio shade?

  12. Bettte says

    The backyard is gorgeous! I was wondering where you found the bench? Have been looking for one like that for a long time.

  13. Sarah says

    Love your backyard! We recently bought a house and I can’t decide what to do with our back yard. It isn’t very deep but it is rather long – kind of like yours. I’m curious how deep your backyard is? I would like to do something like you did with the arborvitaes for privacy but I don’t know if it would make our yard look to small.

  14. Leslie says

    I love your backyard! Can you tell me the type of trees you planted along the back fence line? The look so nice. Thank you!

    • says

      Hey Leslie,
      Thanks! The trees we used against our fence are called Arbrovites and they are an evergreen that keep a nice, dark green color all year long and have very minimal shedding. They are however, temperamental and need to be cared for…lots of water, no extreme heat, and spray for spiders/bugs about once a year. Hope this helps!

  15. Stacey says

    Hi there, what an amazing job you did! I’m hoping to replicate this patio cover. I have been looking forever for a design I love and you nailed it! Do you mind if I ask how much it roughly cost you to build the patio cover.

    • says

      Hey Stacey,
      Thanks for the comment. We are loving the patio and it really did turn out better than we expected :) If you email me directly, I can give you a cost breakdown for the project. Blissfullyeverafter3{at}gmail{dot}com.


  16. Kelli says

    This looks great! I have been doing a lot of research because we are wanting to build something similar onto our house. I haven’t seen any other patio additions like yours. I have a few questions for you! Did you have a plan you all followed or did you come up with it yourselves? I love that you made cinder block posts and covered them in stone instead of just using wood. Did you build the posts yourselves? I see that you placed a long beam on the house but I am wondering what you used to attach the cover to the beam? I would love any advice you have to share! Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Kellie,
      Thanks for your comment. We have loved our covered patio over the past few years and it really has made entertaining and outside enjoyment so much better! So to answer your questions, we really didn’t have a plan drawn up…however, once I told my Hubby what I was thinking, he was able to draw up a little drawing and took measurements to see what we needed to do for our particular space. Our patio cover is 36 feet long by 12 feet deep and we have 4 columns, and 12 feet of space between 3 of the columns totalling 36 feet. We decided to use cinder blocks because this would allow better structural intregrity (especially since we get a lot of high speed winds here). The cost was rather inexpensive to go this route as well. My husband dug down underneath where each column was to go and reinforced the “footings” by adding in cement so that the columns would have a good foundation to sit on top of. He also used rebar inside each column and filled them with concrete. Let me tell you, they are sturdy! After all of that was done, we had a couple of guys come out to install the stone and they did a wonderful job. For the beam connecting to the house…we used 2×6 lumber and bolted each piece into the studs of the roof to the house along the 36 foot length. I hope this makes sense. We really should just do a tutorial on this…I will see if my husband can help me put it together because he knows a lot more details than myself.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me too!

  17. shannon says

    Hi! I love the look of this patio…I’ve read all the comments, but I still have a question….I love the idea of using cinder blocks with concrete inside, but how did you attach the beam across the top of each cinder post? looks like they have a cut U shape in the middle to hold them?? thank you!

    • says

      That is a great question, Shannon!
      There are brackets that were set into the concrete as it was drying and from there the beam was bolted into those brackets. This makes for a very sturdy structure! The beam was a solid piece specifically constructed for this project and sits on top of all of the beams and bolted into the brackets. Then the actual roof itself was built on top of the beams. I really do need to do a tutorial on this…we have the pictures, just need to type it up.

  18. Sabrina says

    Love the look of your patio! Wondering what materials you used for the roof and/or ceiling. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Sabrina,

      The underneath side of the roof which you see while sitting underneath it was left open but we painted everything black. The roof top itself is shingled. Hope this helps.

  19. Laura says

    I absolutely love your curbig around your shed and landscaping. Did you do that yourself? Is it poured concrete or block? I couldn’t tell fr your pictures. It is exactly what I am looking to do in my own yard.

  20. BB says

    Did you do the concrete curbing yourself? Is it poured concrete or some kind of block? Looks great ! I want to do that in out front and back yard. Please let me know.

  21. janice says

    Found you on pinterest! Lovely backyard, truly inspiring. We also live in WA state and I wonder if the curbing around the grass area is something my hubby and I could do ourselves. Thank you!

  22. Johns says

    Your yard look awesome. I love that you used cinder blocks instead of vertical lumber posts. Still can’t figure out how you did the pillars and beams. Would love to see some pics. Thansk

  23. Sheila says

    i love love your project!! I have read all the comments im curious on how much your project turned out to be. Savings alone is impressive.

    Your landscape amazing also! Did you draw plans ahead or just went with it?

  24. says

    Hi, I love your backyard DIY!! Could you share with me the trees and plants you have planted? I am getting ready to do a big landscaping project in our backyard and I am terrible with trying to figure out what to plant. I love the look of yours and I think it would work nicely in our yard. Thanks!!!
    Angela @

  25. JESSE says

    Like others have questioned, I’m extremely curious as to know exactly ALL materials you used for the covering and a step by step tutorial as to how it was created from beginning to end! I’m about to start creating (well actually extending the current 12×12 covered “patio”)

    I seriously need a list of ALL materials for the covering

    And step by step tutorial from when you started till you finally finished it

    PLEEEEEASE help me bc I’m doing this very soon and I’m in absolute love with your covering :-)


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