Spring Cleaning: The Windows

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I am a little bit behind on posting about my spring cleaning progress, tips, and ideas. If you are new here to Blissfully Ever After, here is what we’ve talked about in previous posts:
I’ve cleaned just about every room in my house, organized every drawer, closet, shelf, cabinet, etc, and am now working on finishing up some projects in each room so they finally feel complete. Now that the work is done….I need to post about it all!! I promise to get these out to you all here in the next couple weeks.


As part of spring cleaning we always give the exterior of our home some sprucing up. You can see what we do outside and in the garage in the spring cleaning checklist above. My hubby and I both feel more productive and focused when we have a clean, organized home, and this includes the garage and outside. He is responsible for the garage and then he and I work on the outside of the house together. As he was power washing a couple weekends ago, I came behind him with my bucket of water and Basic H and a squeegee in hand to wash the windows.
Here is a look at how dirty our windows were before we gave them a good cleaning….
YUCK right!

This was on both the inside and outside track of the window. I can’t believe that much dirt and grime was in there!
I removed the window screens and was ready to get started!
Here is what you will need:
Vacuum w/ crevis attachment
Hot water
Basic H or dish soap
Microfiber cloth
First, I used the hose and “crevis” attachment on my vacuum to suck out the loose dirt from all of the window seals.
Next, I used Basic H, a microfiber cloth, and Q-tips to clean the tracks. The Q-tips are great for getting into tight spots.
After the window tracks were clean, I moved outside to clean the outside of the windows. I just filled a bucket that we use to wash the cars with hot water and mixed in 1 tbsp. of Basic H and then used this cool squeegee I found at Lowe’s that has a washable microfiber pad on it and got to work.
After each swipe with the squeegee on the window, I used a microfiber cloth to wipe it dry. This ensures your windows are streak free and have a professional quality finish.
The cool thing about Basic H is that it removes hard water spots and stains, so as I was using the microfiber pad to wash the windows, Basic H was breaking up the hard water, and when I squeegeed them they literally looked brand new!
Now if you do not currently have Basic H {you really should get some}, you can use dish soap and hot water to clean your windows, however, I am not sure how effective this will be at removing hard water. One thing to remember is that when cleaning outdoors….the products you use can get onto your plants, trees, and grass, so make sure they are safe to have around them.
After cleaning the tracks and windows, we sprayed off the screens with our power washer and hung them back up.
Our windows have never looked cleaner!
This is my spring cleaning tip and solution for this week. I hope you have a chance to clean your windows too!
Want to order Basic H? You can order HERE!

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    I clean my windows twice a year – once in the spring and then one more time in the fall. I don’t have any shaklee products, so I use a bit of dish soap with some vinegar. The vinegar removes the hard water spots. I love my squeegee.

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