Spring Cleaning-5 Best Ways to Remove Dust

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How is your Spring Cleaning coming along?
If you are just joining us, this is what we’ve talked about in previous posts:
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Over the weekend we accomplished a lot around our home. I am so excited!  We finally got around to finishing some projects in the nursery that we’ve been put off for the past 5 months! This included clothes, toy and book organization, all of which we really needed. Along with this, we also completed some tasks that are not the most fun, but they will help you in getting your home cleaner, fresher, and will actually help improve the indoor air quality.
Today, I want to share with you the 5 Best Ways to Remove Dust from your home:
1.     Clean Air Vents


This is such a simple task that can be done rather quickly and makes a HUGE improvement on not only the air quality going through your home but can also freshen up the look of your air vents and save you a trip the home improvement store to purchase new ones.

This is what you do….

Remove the air vents. If yours are in the ceiling, there are usually two screws holding them up, so unscrew them and carefully remove the vent. If yours are in the floor they should easily be able to pull them up.
I fill my sink {you could also use your {clean} bath tub to soak more at once} with hot water and Basic H {1/2 teaspoon-1 teaspoon} and let the vents soak for about an hour. We have white ones in our home, so the Basic H helps to remove any dust, paint, gunk, etc. from the vents. They come out looking brand new! But, if yours still need some freshening up you can paint them with white spray paint. Easy peasy!
You can also purchase filters that fit the smaller vents from the home improvement store, which will really help reduce the dust, pollen, and other pollutants that can circulate through your home.
2.     Freshen-up Window Treatments
If you have window treatments that cannot be washed {a lot of mine are just fabrics I’ve made into “mistreatment’s”} you can throw them into the dryer on a freshen-up cycle or light cycle depending on your model or brand along with a dryer sheet for about 20-30 minutes. This will remove dust, help remove any wrinkles, and freshen up their appearance and smell without having to run them through the wash.
3.     Dust Light Fixtures and Fans
This is HUGE! Have you ever seen how thick dust can get on these? Well, I guess if you dust more often than I do, you may never see a lot of dust, but around here….it has been pretty bad before. Maybe 1/4 inch bad? Yikes! I use my Swiffer dusting wand to remove the initial dust and then go back over the fixtures using a microfiber cloth and Basic H. I just fill a bucket full of hot water and 1 tablespoon of Basic H and go around cleaning them all. It is very easy and our fixtures look sparkling clean afterwards.
4.     Clean Window Blinds
This is another HUGE spot that traps dust. Again, I use my Swiffer dusting wand to remove initial dust and then come back with my microfiber cloth and Basic H to really give them a good clean. The best part I love is that we have 2” wood slat blinds and Basic H will not harm, discolor, or warp them.
5.     Turn Off the House Fan


If your home has a house fan that runs in your attic {I think this is where they typically are}, this helps circulate new air into your home but if you live in a dusty area {like me} it can actually do more harm them good. We were keeping ours on throughout the year and realized it was bringing in a ton of dirt from outside and since we’ve turned it off our home has a lot less dust circulating through the air. House fans are great to use if you cook a meal like fish or burn something in the oven or just want to circulate some fresh air on a nice day, but it doesn’t have to be used all the time.
I hope these tidbits will help you in achieving a sparkling, dust free home!
Happy cleaning!

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  1. says

    Great tips! I found a great ceiling fan cleaning tool at Home Depot that has been wonderful for getting the dust off of all of the blades. I’ll have to try your Basic H tip. Thanks!

  2. says

    Terrific timing on these tips! We just had our living room/kitchen painted this past weekend and before we put the room back together I wanted to start on my spring cleaning. We were just trying to discuss last night if I could risk washing my curtains. I didn’t even think of just freshening them up in the dryer!Thanks!

  3. MsMuffet says

    I realize this is an old post but wanted to say thanks for the great tips & heed a warning about turning off the house fan… please don’t EVER turn it off! It is there for a very good reason; In the summer it works to evacuate the hot air, this prevents the shingles on your roof from becoming too hot. Curling shingles (lifting at the edges) is a tell tale sign that you don’t have adequate circulation in your attic and can mean replacing your roof in just a few years time. In the winter the heat from inside your house rises into the attic where it is cold, this creates condensation, essentially, moisture-and a lot of it. If you don’t have adequate circulation up there you will soon have mold in your attic, which will be a huge headache & very costly by the time you notice it. Please keep your attic fan on & dust your home a little more often! :)
    When we purchased our current home we did not check our attic fans (2) to be sure they were on. Our roof went from prefect to full blown disaster in 2 years – We had to replace the entire roof.

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