Spring Cleaning Challenge-Laundry Room Organization

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We are gearing up for the weekend over at my house!!
The Hubby and I have been compiling a list of projects we want to complete over the next few months and this includes SPRING CLEANING!!
I have been doing great at sticking to my daily and weekly schedule, which includes a weekly light cleaning and regular picking up at the days end to make sure we go to sleep with a “clean” house, but this place really needs to be DEEP cleaned.  I want to wash windows, curtains, fans/light fixtures, walls, baseboard, carpets, I want things scrubbed top to bottom. After being pregnant for nine months and then having my son back in October, I haven’t spent a lot of time deep cleaning {even when I was nesting it was hard for me to really get a good clean}, so we are ready for a change and breath of fresh air!
If you have been following along, you had the chance to print off our Spring Cleaning Checklist and also saw how I prepare for Spring Cleaning.
Now, it is time for our first challenge….Laundry Room Organization! 
Today, I want to share with you one of the spaces that I have already organized when I completed our $100 Laundry Room Makeover!! This is one of my favorite rooms in our home now because it is fresh, clean, and organized.
Before we begin, I must tell you that my laundry room is tiny, we’re talking 5’ x 6’ or something crazy small like that tiny. There is barely enough space to get past the washer and dryer and into the garage without hitting something. So, organization and functionality were key.
I used inexpensive storage containers that I purchased from Wal-Mart for about $1 a piece.  I printed out labels on my computer what was inside each container and attached the labels to the fronts of the containers.
Look how clean and organized that looks!


For my every day used items such as my iron {ya right…I barely ever iron} and starch, I kept them easily accessible in an open basket.  Above that, is another storage container that holds my swiffer dusting cloths.
Along with my cabinet storage, I also have storage space underneath my washer and dryer in the pedestals. Now to be honest, I really didn’t need the space in these pedestals for organization, but since I had it, I decided to organize less stuff in the above cabinets and put more routinely used items down in the pedestals. The best part is…all of my laundry supplies are 100% natural, chemical free, toxin free, and safe to have around my son.  So, in the unfortunate event that he was to find these products, I would feel better knowing he wasn’t getting into bleach, tide, downy, or other harmful chemical based laundry items. That is how I was able to put them down into the pedestals.
I just realized that there were Afresh tablets in this photo when I took it and I no longer use those tablets….they have harmful ingredients that are not good for us, our skin, or our washing machines. I just use some Basic G in my washing machine on the hot water cycle and it becomes disinfected, clean, and smell free.
Ok, so there you have it! My clean and organized laundry room!


If you have any questions about this space or the natural laundry products I use, please feel free to email me anytime.

Happy cleaning and good luck!

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