Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Wowza! Can you believe we just sprung our clocks ahead? You know what that means….SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! Wahoo! Do you know what else that means?
Spring cleaning time! 
I thought it would be helpful to share with you how I prepare for spring cleaning.  Because let’s face it, it can be a little overwhelming to think about cleaning our ENTIRE house AND the yard, garage, shed, cars, and the list goes on!!! I know it is a little overwhelming for me sometimes, BUT it is also very exciting because I feel like I can create a fresh start for my family and I. Out with the old and in with the new…clean and organized house that is! I absolutely LOVE having a clean and organized home and I am so excited to get started!
So, without further a due, here is how I prepare for spring cleaning….
1.     I have all of my cleaning supplies stocked and ready. I only use 3 products to clean my entire house which are Basic H {window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and degreaser in one}, Basic G, and Scour Off. Along with these I use a Microfiber cleaning and window cloth, sponge, and my Swiffers.  I only use natural, non-toxic cleaners in my home. Read more about why I made the switch HERE. All of my cleaning supplies fit into my organizing tote and are easily carried around with me room to room.
2.     I make sure our garbage can and recycle was picked up the week prior and that we are stocked up on garbage bags.
3.     Purchase new HVAC filters for the house. I switch these about every 3 months but it a must to switch this filter out before I began cleaning so there is not extra dust flying around the house.
4.     Empty and wipe down the vacuum cleaner and make sure the steam cleaner is clean and ready to go. I use Basic H and Basic G to clean my carpets naturally.
5.     Make sure I have good music to listen to while I clean. I have internet hooked up through our TV so I listen to my favorite stations on Pandora, which makes cleaner a little more enjoyable when I can sing along to my favorite songs.
6.     Purchase candles or use essential oils. I love the Pure Clean Soy candles from Target and my favorite scent is Sage and Green Tea. I use a diffuser in our home and drop about 6-7 drops of Onguard, Citrus Bliss, or Lemon and the room smells wonderful. Onguard is especially great to use in the bathroom to keep the air smelling fresh and germ free.
7.     Have my spring cleaning checklist ready. If you haven’t printed a FREE checklist yet, go here Spring Cleaning Checklist.
Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you how I spring clean my home from top to bottom, inside and out! I hope you will join me!
Topic will include:
How to dust properly and easily
How to freshen up your curtains
Drawer and closet organization
Bathroom organization
Kids bedroom organization
Laundry room organization
Office organization
Pantry organization
Garage organization
Shed organization
And a bonus post about….
Spring maintenance for the yard and home
I hope to see you there!!!

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    Kim, yay! I am so glad you were able to use this list to help you get motivated! Let me know if you have any questions along the way, ok :) I will be posting some fun organizing and cleaning projects throughout the next few weeks that I hope will encourage all of you to join in with me!

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    Do you order those products right from the site or can they be found in store? How do you suggest tackling this checklist? One per weekend?

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    Do you order the products from the site or in store somewhere? Why do you like them versus other natural products? How do you plan on tackling the spring cleaning list…all in one weekend or one per week? Thanks!!

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