I was Contacted by Woman’s Day Magazine!

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So, I have a little secret to share with you all.  About two weeks ago I was contacted by Woman’s Day Magazine about my $100 Laundry Room Makeover!!! Angela from Woman’s Day said that she came across my laundry room while doing a google search for an upcoming issue and that I was in the running to be picked to be featured in the magazine. I was in shock!!!!  It was hard waiting this past couple of weeks to find out if we had been chosen or not and I finally heard back yesterday.  Unfortunately, our space wasn’t the final pick for the feature article, however, Angela said she would be keeping us in mind for other opportunities.  I am totally OK with that!!  I am just so in awe that they would even consider my laundry room for their magazine. I am so now motivated to keep up on my budget living projects and creating a beautiful home for my family!

I just thought I would share this all with you because, well, I am just so excited!!!

Here is what Angela’s first email said:

Hello from Woman’s Day magazine

Hi Jennifer,

Im the articles director at Womans Day magazine and I recently came across your blog Blissfully Ever After when I was doing research for an upcoming organizing article. I was very impressed with your laundry room makeover and I may be interested in featuring it (and you) in an upcoming issue of Womans Day. I have a feeling our readers would enjoy hearing about how you organized the space, however I’d like to gauge your interest before pitching you to my editor-in-chief and making a final decision on who we’ll feature in the magazine. Please email me or give me a call and Ill fill you in on all the details. Look forward to hearing from you. 

All best,
Angela Ebron

212-767-6475 • AEBRON@HEARST.COM

BLOG: dailywd.womansday.com/ TWITTER: twitter.com/WomansDay 

I would like to give a BIG thank you to Woman’s Day Magazine for even considering me and our $100 Laundry Room Makeover for their magazine! I am honored!!

I just wanted to give some motivation to other bloggers out there and my readers that we CAN create beautiful homes on a budget. This is possible!!! We don’t have to spend a ton of money on high priced furniture or décor pieces, those days are gone!  I encourage all of you to give DIY projects a try, you will feel so rewarded!! Please stick with me as I continue my journey in creating a beautiful life for my family~ living on less!

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  1. says

    Jennifer that is so awesome for you…wow! Your laundry room is amazing. What an inspiring way to stay motivated for you as well as for all of us! Thank you for sharing.

    Congratulations on getting the nod from Women’s Day!!!

  2. says

    i got an email last week from her as well for my laundry room redo….i am still waiting to hear if my room has been chosen….how exciting.

    your laundry room is gorgeous…hopefully it will be chosen for another project….


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