Family Room Design Board

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After my little man was born, My Hubby and I decided it was time to make some changes around our house to accommodate our growing family and making things a little more “kid friendly.” Now in my mind, kid friendly does not mean toys everywhere, kids over taking our house, and feeling chaotic…but I did want a relaxing environment for our son that he could play in without me worrying if something was going to break every 10 seconds.  I am sure some of you can agree with me on that one.  So, I came up with a plan to transition some rooms in our house to better accommodate our needs. It may sound a little crazy to some, but for us it works and we are EXCITED about the changes taking place!!!

Here is what our current house layout looks like:

And this is what we plan to do to the rooms after we move furniture around and redesign the spaces:

It is going to be absolutely

So far we have sold almost all of our furniture from the previous rooms on Craigslist to be able to make the transitions of the new spaces. Some pieces we have purchased new and are waiting on them to arrive and some pieces we purchased off of Craigslist {like our soon to be Farmhouse table you can read about HERE} and almost all of the décor will either be DIY, purchased on a tight budget or I will shop the house.

Here is a look at my design board for our family room transformation:

This is the space I am starting with
{picture was taken before we sold everything on Craigslist}

1.       Making a DIY clock with reclaimed wood and giving a current clock a face lift

2.       Purchased this Pottery Barn look-alike entertainment stand for a fabulous price

3.       Purchased these vintage sconce lights from Lowe’s for under $50/for the set {selling my old sconce lights to help pay for the new ones}

4.    Making DIY family rules subway art

5.       Moving my refinished Craigslist cottage console table into this room. Read about the transformation HERE.

6.       Moving my refinished Craigslist cottage coffee table into this room. Read about the transformation HERE.

7.       Either making DIY pillows or purchasing inexpensive ones {hitting up TJMaxx and Target}

8.       Looking for an inexpensive new throw or two {TJMaxx or Target}

9.       Purchased this sectional from Macy’s during their Thanksgiving sale….we saved nearly $1,000 off the original price!!

10.   Rearranging my current picture gallery wall to something a little more eye catching and memorable.

I can’t wait to show you our progress and then the final reveal!!!

Stick with me and I will show you how you can create a beautiful space on a tight budget with some creative use of $$$, DIY projects, and shopping the house!

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      Thank you! Yes, I will make a tutorial for the subway art. To be honest, we just barely got the subway art structure of reclaimed wood put together and now I still have to finish the writing. So many projects took priority in front of this one, so I am sorry it has taken so long. Keep an eye out for it though!

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