Baby Boy Nursery Sneak Peak

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Baby Boy's Nursery
For the past month the Hubbs and I have been working hard on turning our once before  junk storage room into our baby boy’s nursery. It has been a work in progress and let me tell you, the worst part about this transformation has been patching and re-texturing the walls. I am not sure what went on in this room before we moved in, but the walls were horrible!! With some sweat and elbow grease, we were able to get the ceiling and walls looking good, the room cleaned out {items put together for our yard sale} and up went paint, board and batten, and a new ceiling fan. This is where we are today:

Nursery Currently

The new crib!

  Tiny shoes for tiny toes


Here is what this bedroom used to look like:

Nursery BEFORE

This is with all of our storage items in the room {only one side of the room, the other was worse!}…before we started working on this project.

Nursery BEFORE2

Here is the room as we were installing the board and batten. We painted the ceiling and top 1/4 of the wall Camelsback which is a Sherwin Williams color we had color matched to the BEHR primer/paint in one in satin. We then painted the bottom 3/4 of the wall Vermont Cream which is a BEHR color and we again used the primer/paint in one in semi gloss. I painted the walls BEFORE installing the wood molding. This was much easier than the process we used in our master bedroom {to come in a later post}. I will also do a more detailed post of this room soon.

Nursery CurrentlySo, as you can see, we are making progress. Little by little this room is coming together and will soon become the new nesting spot for our little boy.

Stay tuned for more pics!  

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  1. says

    Hello, I found your site while searching for bathroom remodeling. Your updates are amazing! Did you guys make the wall panels youself or was in in a kit of some sort? I’m trying to redo the half bath in my bedroom and the people that done it before used some kind of plastic wall panel they glued to the bottom half and I thought to save time and enery I would use some type of pannel. The top half is covered in wallpaper which is not wanting to come off lol. I tried use a wallpaper removal spray and the spots where I used that the wallpaper is coming off but so is the top layer of drywall! It’s driving me crazy. PS I’m 6 months pregnant too!!

  2. says

    @Amanda- First off, thank you!! Yes, we did all of the wood moldings ourselves. We purchased pre-primed MDF board from Home Depot, I painted each piece with a couple of coats of BEHR primer/paint in one, then let them dry. I then painted the bedroom walls {top 1/4 of wall Camelsback in Satin and bottom 3/4 of wall Vermont Cream in Semi gloss to match the wood moldings}. We then installed the wood with a nail gun and contractors glue, puddied all nail holes with wood filler and then I applied two more coats of vermont cream to each piece of wood. I used a mini foam roller which went a lot quicker and gave a more professional look than using a paint brush. Also, if you mix Floratrol {spelling?} into your paint in the paint tray and mix it up….you will not have any brush/roller lines when painting. It is awesome!!

    As for the wall paper….a product I use for everything in my house {Basic H} would most likely get it off! It is an amazing product!

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